The United Portraits Franchise Story

How did we get to where we are today?

Relationships, Innovation & Pushing the Envelope are our specialty.

The school photography industry has long been dominated by a few very large players. We set out to change that by offering competing services and products, combined with local service.

Typically, mom and pop shops don’t have the capability of the larger companies. The larger companies have huge marketing budgets, production centers, staffing, and technology that’s just not feasible as a mom and pop.

However, the mom and pop has one advantage. Local ownership.

If you could spend money at a local business vs. a national business, would you?
It depends.
Is the product or service the same quality?
Will I get the benefits that the national company can offer?
Is it more expensive to spend locally?

United Portraits gives you the best of both worlds. Offer everything that a national company can, but at a better price, and you can keep the business local.

Competing against other local companies? You’ve got products, services, and technology that they don’t!

Our complete system has taken years to build, but is built on 12+ years of experience in the industry. 

We give you: Flexibility. Control. Speed. All in your hands.

There’s so many variables involved in this business. In a single picture day, there’s hundreds of things that you literally need to know before you start.

United Portraits made a system to manage everything. We have all the pieces to the pie.

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Want to know the full story? It’s a lengthy read, but it’s a good one, we promise!