Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of the most common questions, and their answers.
Have Questions about the United Portraits franchise opportunity?
Here are some common questions about United Portraits franchise ownership.

Below is also a list of answers to these common questions that prospective United Portraits franchise owners typically ask while they are researching franchise ownership with United Portraits. If you don’t see the answer to your specific question on this list, please give us a call using the number on the website or send us a message to learn more.

What is an United Portraits Franchise?

United Portraits is the rising of star of the photography industry, which is valued at $10 billion. This doesn’t inlcude our complimentary markets such as yearbooks, awards, or any other products we service. United Portraits sets itself apart by focusing on being the leader in school, sports, and preschool photography and related services; including yearbooks, video and more. This emphasis on providing services that are ongoing, common and necessary means that United Portraits operates very differently than most companies in the volume photography industry, who chase non-recurring revenue such as weddings to become financially successful. United Portraits is guided by a code of ethics, a culture that emphasizes expertise through training, ongoing franchisee support with an industry leading call-center, production facility, and a focus on community engagement. As a result, United Portraits franchisees are some of the most profitable business owners in the entire photography industry.

How much is the franchise fee?

A franchise fee for a single United Portraits franchise is $20,000.

What are the startup costs?

A United Portraits franchise is affordable to own, and total initial investment ranges from $67,950 to $136,750.

How do I make money?

United Portraits is unique in the photogrtaphy industry because our business model is bolstered by an industry-leading call-center that helps you win business, stay organized and provide an exceptional level of customer service. The services United Portraits provides are recession-resistant, emotionally attached, and people are “making” our customers daily, so this business has high-profit potential in any area of the country.

Do I need to have an office?

Our franchise model is designed to keep immediate costs low for franchisees who are getting started in their businesses. Our call center does away with for the need for an office, as our team works on your behalf to win business, make sales calls, interact with your customers and ensure that the customer experience is positive to help you win referral business, as well as to establish your business as the most trustworthy restoration company in your community. Once your business scales regarding customers, jobs and brand recognition, many of our franchisees opt to rent storage space and hire teams or new crew members to further capitalize on the demand for your services.

Do I have to have photography experience?

No. Many of our franchisees had no experience in the photography industry before joining our franchise family. Our training is robust, and our ongoing support makes this an easy business to master. All you do is take your existing leadership experience and apply it to our proven business model. Have questions about skills, experience or how the owner role works? Reach out to us and start a conversation!

How many employees do I need?

The number of employees you’ll need to begin operations is minimal. Many franchisees opt to hire one or two part-time staff to start, adding more as the business becomes more established. We work with you to ensure that as your business grows, you scale up wisely and effectively.

How does United Portraits define territories?

United Portraits territories are defined by areas with a population of K-12 children approximately 25,000-30,000. Unlike other photography brands, United Portraits territories are protected. United Portraits franchisees do not compete with each other for the same customers, they work solely to build and grow their businesses within their protected territories.

How long has United Portraits been in business?

We started in 2015 and have been growing every year we’ve been in business.

Where are the corporate headquarters?

We’re based in Gilbert, Arizona.

What are your royalties?

United Portraits royalties are 6% of your gross revenues. We also have a mandatory brand and system development fund fee of 2%.

What does it take to become a successful United Portraits franchisee?

The three elements that are most mentioned for a successful franchise relationship: a solid concept, a good territory/location and a solid operator. We have the first element, and we are here to help you with the second. The most important is the United Portraits franchisee; you will make all the difference. A franchisee that is true in following our proven system, and is dedicated to excellence, consistency, constant positive relationship with his/her administrators, students, parents and community will set a path for great success.

Can I keep my full time job and operate a United Portraits franchise?

No. To achieve the proper level of success, you’ll need to be fully dedicated. United Portraits is a home based business with very little overhead and has a low financial entry point. You’ll want to focus on the success of your business, and being distracted or treating United Portraits as a part-time business will yield less than desirable results.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer direct financing. However, we are able to connect you with some lending partners that may be able to help you obtain the funds needed to open your business.

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