A Day In The Life of a United Portraits Franchisee

What would I be doing everyday?

The lifestyle of a United Portraits Franchise Owner is awesome!

You don’t work on most holidays, weekends are optional, barely anyone calls you after 4pm, and you work with some of the nicest people out there!

As an owner, your day to day consists of meeting with clients or potential prospects from the preschool, school, sports and other related markets.

You’ll also be responsible for photographing, or employing a small team of photographers to assist you in photographing your events.

Once your events are complete, you’ll upload them to our production team, who handles all fulfillment. You do not have to crop, edit, or print any photos on your own.

The completed orders are mailed directly to you, or your client for disbursement.

Successful people in our business model are people who have very strong sales and relationship building skills. Our clients are very cyclical and repetitive. You can expect your first few years to be spent building your book of business. The following years are mostly less sales driven because of the relationships you have built, and you can expect more recurring revenue and referrals.

If you enjoy meeting new people and making friends—and are not afraid of selling into a competitive market, you might be a good fit.

United Portraits provides support though every step of the process, and are focused on doing our best to help make you and your business successful.

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– Develop and maintain relationships
You’ll spend your first several years cultivating new relationships that you reap the benefits of in the years to come.

Seek and Retain Awesome Staff
Hiring great staff is extremely important. Our processes and systems will help you screen for the best field staff in your area.

– Oversee your events
Visting your client on their session date is a must to solidify a great relationship. You’ll check in with your team on picture day, or even photograph alongside them

– Count the money!

You’ll either take orders at your actual events, or you’ll collect money after people have had the opportunity to review your work. In either case, you’ll do some accounting, counting, scanning, and standing in line at the bank! 

– Assist with Distribution of Finished Product

In some cases you’ll deliver the product, in others it will be mailed directly. In either case, you’ll follow up with your clients after you service them to make sure everything turned out awesome. You’ll resolve any outstanding issues.

– Analyze and Better Your Business
You’ll analyze your numbers, and make corrections, suggestions to clients, or modifications to your packages and pricing to create win-win relationships.

– Give back to your community
It’s important to become involved in your local area, and to give back to those who are less fortunate or have supported you and your family.