How Will United Portraits Support Me?

We're here every step of the way to make you as successful as possible.

Training and Support

Upon being granted a United Portraits franchise, you will take part in an extensive training program. The program will review all aspects of obtaining clients, training your photographers and running your business day to day operations. A corporate representative will also visit you at your location to help with all aspects of building your business.

We have annual meetings that will enable you to network with other franchisees and take part in seminars to build your business and also to review roll out of new and upcoming programs. Monthly newsletters containing upcoming events, top franchisees, and reminders on preparation for upcoming sessions are just one method of the ongoing communication between the office and the franchisee.

We have a team on hand for you to speak to at any time regarding sales, marketing, training your photographers or anything else you might need help with. Below are just some of the features you obtain with your franchise:

  • Hands-On training
  • Online Ordering for parents to place orders
  • Name recognition and acceptance
  • Proven business plan
  • New programs tested and proven at the corporate level
  • An online Portal that allows you 24/7 access to all the materials you need to help you be successful
  • Training guides and instructional videos for you and your photographers
  • Registered and trademarked name
  • Discounted equipment, supplies, and lab fees
  • All production and fulfillment handled for you, with a 5 day turnaround
  • ALL parent customer service phone calls handled by our bi-lingual call center
  • Live phone support and personal mentor

But Can’t I Do This On My Own?

Think you can figure it out by yourself? Perhaps. But it will take years for you to understand the ins and the outs of this intricate business model.

You’ll have to find, test, and perfect working with tons of different vendors. For Example, you’ll need to find vendors for:

  • Equipment
  • Printing
  • Image Capture Software
  • Data Entry
  • Online Ordering
  • Green Screen Removal
  • Compositing
  • Yearbook Services
  • & Hundreds of More Problems You’ll Encounter

Oh, we forgot, none of the pieces will talk to each other properly, and you’ll spend all your time coordinating between vendors.

For example, most Online Ordering software companies charge you upwards of 10% an order! That’s more than our royalties, and you don’t get any other software, or personal support.

Skip the learning curve and go straight to what matters. We’ve got all the above handled for you.

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Our proprietary software handles:

  • Sales & Prospecting
  • Scheduling & Data Entry
  • Employee Management
  • Image Capture & Editing
  • Yearbook Design
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Online Ordering
  • ID Card Systems
  • Certificates & Awards
  • Performance Analytics
  • & Everything else you’ll need

From your initial booking to picture day to fulfillment, we are here for you. When you’re successful, we’re successful!

Our Own Production Facility

Our production costs are cheaper than you can get from a regular photo lab. We don’t service anyone but our own franchisee’s. We negotiate huge discounts and we offer the best pricing to ONLY our franchisee’s. We don’t accept clients outside of the United Portraits family. For example, our “Photo Print Unit” cost for Fall 2018 was $.49/ 8×10 unit. This is more than half of what some other photo labs charge.

We do EVERYTHING in house. EVERYTHING. Printing, Foil Stamping, Die-Cutting, Yearbook Bindery. We have COMPLETE control over turn-times, since we deal with absolutely zero middlemen.  

Franchise Competition

The other photography franchises don’t even compare to our model. They have NO proprietary software. They’re typically mandating you to use a certain photo lab, which they have MARKED UP the cost of your units/photo prints so they can make a profit. They don’t continually invest in technology to come out with new ideas or products. There really is no comparison. 

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Everything Under One Roof
New Account Sales Support
Acquisition Support
(when you grow your business through buying other photography companies)
Extensive Hands-On Training
Custom Marketing Plans
HR & Administration Support
Employee Training
Handling Employee Problems
Production Support
Yearbook Support
Customer Service Support
Accounting Support
Data Entry Support
(scan 100 orders in as few as 8 minutes)
Wholesale Lowest Lab Cost Pricing