How Big is the Industry?

Our industries are awesome. Let's learn more about them.

Everything we do revolves around children. You know what’s great about that? People keep making your customers, daily.

  • Every 8 Seconds A New Baby Is Born.
  • There are currently 74 Million Kids in the USA.
  • There are more than 99,000 schools that exist.
  • The Photography Industry Alone Claims 10 Billion Dollars in Revenue

We’ve diversified our business across several different industries.

Our main industries are:
K-12 School Portraits
Preschool Portraits
Sports Teams and Individuals
Dance, Gymnastics & Karate
Spotlight Video (High Volume Kid Themed Mini-Movies)
Other Extra Curricular Activities

Each of these industries have companies that specialize in just that service. For example, there are many companies that offer nothing but yearbooks. This means that industry alone is sufficient to sustain a business. Think about the advantages of being able to service multiple industries, and not just being tied to one! 

Recurring Business

Everything we do, happens again and again, every year. This is awesome because as long as you keep great relationships, you won’t be constantly searching for new business, you’ll be adding to your portfolio. You’ll be able to forecast your revenue based on historical data, and use that to make projections about your future year ahead of you.

Endless Opportunities

You’ll also find that there are other opportunities once you gain a client:

  • Trophies, Plaques & Awards (Both inside and outside of schools)
  • Memory Books (For non-school clients)
  • Apparel (Team Shirts, etc.)
  • Programs & Booklets (Dance Recitals)

The opportunities are endless.

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